Masada: those who would choose death over enslavement or tyranny.
Forged on the frozen North shore of Chicago, Masada is a metal band based on brotherhood, truth and honor. Masada formed in 1986 and led a 5 year reign of terror through the Midwest with 3 independent releases and a live show that resembled a riot more than a concert. Unable to contain the raw power of these shows Masada found themselves unable to book many of the areas venues and eventually parted ways in 1991. Although the band had broken apart the members remained close. Guitarist Paul Quinn stated, “We always felt like we had unfinished business. We were on a roll that got out of control and we’ve always talked about that time as being really special. I guess we all felt like we had lightning in a bottle for a moment and once you do that, you always have that burning desire to know if you can still do it at that level.”
An article on the band Meshuggah explaining how they were able to write and record via the internet became the catalyst for a new start. Founding members Paul Quinn and Nick Travetto tapped Doug Hamel, Ray Vazquez ( ex- fleshgrind ) and Jim Harte ( original ex-drummer and founder of Jungle Rot ) to join the group and establish a powerful new line up. In 2014 the band was able to capitalize on the emerging technology of internet recording while video conferencing proved to be exactly what they needed. Having the ability to be separated by 1000 miles but still able to see, talk to and collaborate musical ideas turned a reunion dream into reality. The first order of business was to record some of the old material just to see if it could be done and it became apparent that not only could it work but it opened the door to write and record new songs.
The 2014 release of “Old Warnings and New Truths” is a 5 song EP. of 3 new songs and 2 from the 1986-1991 era. As soon as the mixing was completed for the new cd, Masada began writing more songs for another EP.
In 2018  “When The Lights Go Out”  A six song EP was released. Eager to get back on the road and play shows, Masada continues to record new material as they prepare for live dates.
The lightning has been successfully put back into the bottle!
Line up
Nick Travetto -vocals 1986-Present
Paul Quinn- guitars 1986-Present
Doug Hamel- bass 2014-Present
Jim Harte- drums 2014-Present
Ray Vazquez- guitars 2014-Present


PHONE – 919-291-3872